It's been a while, 10 years or so, I think. has been happily random and happily obscure, visited by a handful of friends here and there. In the last week or two, I've started getting spam bug reports from the site. I'd previously observed spammers having fun in the "reaction" area, but since there's not really any traffic to speak of, I wasn't worried about it. Bug reports, however, wind up in my inbox. So it's come time to do something new with the domain. What that is, I cannot say yet. But to start, enjoy this shiny new logo, created by the same great guy who created the first logo. Check him out at Broadway Graphics.

To see what was, try index.php instead of index.html. Click on reactions if you dare, but I'll PayPal you $1 if you find a page with actual real reactions. They do exist.